Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paul Michael looms with Houston on the horizon

Hey y'all. I just finished taping next week's video segment for KNOETV 8 and now I'm trying to tie up a ton of ends in prep for the weekend. Of course, I had to stop and go hold, look, kiss, stare at Emerson Ann. Imagine-- the only thing she does in our relationship is accept my adoration and yet it works for me, bigtime. Only with a grandchild. Soon as her parents (HELLO Parents) send me some more of the nine million pics they've taken, I'll get a couple up for you.

I'm off to do a book signing at the Paul Michael store in Monroe, LA. It's five to nine this evening. If you're around, come see me. If not-- send money. Haha. Just joking. Kind of. You have heard about the economy, haven't you. Well, hello. There are baby clothes to buy for Emerson and Baby Maher who is coming fast on her heels. Bless her heart, Emerson has more clothes than Ivana Trump right now, but who's counting? By the way, I trust you've bought a copy of "Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On" book for every single person on your list but if not, there is still time.

Dear hubby has agreed to play chauffeur for me today (I just spelled that chauffeer and spell check gave me a huge red mark and detention) so I can continue to knock out content deadlines there and back because-- drum roll-- tomorrow morning after the LIVE radio show, we're heading to see Jessica and Patrick (daughter and son-in-law) in Houston. Jess and I will shop 'til I cry uncle while Phil and Patrick golf. Something is wrong here. Have I mentioned that I am totally missing the female shopping gene? Yep. It skipped from my mother to my daughter.

Umm...that is about all of the earth shattering, news you can lose from All Things Southern today. Later gators and gatorettes.



  1. Mrs. Shellie- Emerson is beautiful!! I hope you and your family are doing well! I try to keep up with Jessica through Katie! Wow, two grandbabies in one year, pure bliss! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. This is your Mama speaking. I'm trying to keep up with you. Slow down. :)

  3. Just dropping in to say hello and Merry Christmas. Hope (know you are) enjoying that grandbaby.

  4. Shellie, I haven't talked with you in a while. Love your blog. Still working on my book. (Like you're gonna remember that, Miss BusyBee)

    Emerson is beautiful, but she does come from good stock. I also have a new grandniece, Rhemi, who was born in October. She's gonna have to have surgery to correct her skull plates. They've grown together too fast. Such a little think to be going through that, but I know she's in the good Lord's more than capable hands. We've had one kid who had the same thing. She's now 8 and doing fine.

    I know Grant(as in US) was popular in LA before The War, but do you think it's a good name for a Southern boy? Just kiddin'. I'm sure Grant would be very proud.

    Take care, girl

    Rena Dillman Louisburg, NC