Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Face...

....You've got the cutest little baby face... Hey folks! Here's Pops getting some time in.

It's not easy, but I shall now tear myself away from kissing baby toes to post a few pics for people like Carey Eubanks Tomlinson and The Great Nanee, lest they hurt me upon my return.

"Hello, my name is Grant Thomas. I'm sorry if I seem distracted but I have found the most amazing toys. I think they call 'em hands. All I know is that they are the neatest things-- and it's so cool they way they're always right here."

"Just a little male bonding..."

"When my daddy talks, I listen!"

Shellie here, folks, and I'm telling you straight up. Leaving this baby face is going to be heart wrenching. I'm gonna close this post now. I've been at it too long already. Blogger wasn't wanting to save the pics for some reason. I'll try and send up the video of Mr. Grant talking in a seperate post.


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  1. Mrs. Shellie!! Grant is so handsome!! Have fun and stock up on hugs and kisses from Grant!!=)

  2. Oh, Grant Man....shucks I miss u terribly!!!
    You do have the cutest baby face...I wanna kiss it, but I'll guess I'll have to wait! Tell Keggie to give u kisses for CC!
    I'm glad your keggie wised up and posted some'd wouldn't have been safe to show her face around here without pictures :)
    You are growing so much--getting some cheeks on you son and I love em!!!
    Emerson says hi and she has lots of new tricks to show crawling, pulling up, and trying to sneak up the stairs too! But don't listen to everything she tells you :)

  3. Riley has found her fingers in the last weeks too...Along with that comes the drool..So wet but so cute at the same time :)

    Heather King Harper

  4. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like he's a happy baby, too.


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