Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Than You Wanna Know

My friend Tommilyn snagged me into this, I mean, gave me this award. As I understand it, there are only two rules, the first being I have to share eight things about myself. The second rule, well, we'll get to that. First things first.

1. I love God's word. Must start there. I know it might sound like I'm trying to apply for sainthood, but believe me, there's no saint on this end of the screen. I just adore finding God in His word.

2. I could eat a hamburger eight days a week. My point exactly.

3. I couldn't talk right when I was a kid. My oldest sister interpreted for me and I like to tell audiences that she interpreted a lot of things I did not say.

4. I like to start and end each day sitting in our big roomy chair and a half with my man.

5. I'm obsessive about doing what I say I'll do, to the point of crazy. I can't allow myself to say anything like "I'm now going to jog six miles a day instead of walk three" because once I say it, it is in concrete and I would kill myself trying to do it.

6. The only glaring exception to number five would be in the area of food. Unfortunately, saying I will not eat chocolate seems to have no bearing whatsoever on my obsessive trait. Sigh.

7. I used to wish I lived anywhere but Lake Providence, LA. Now, I don't want to live anywhere but Lake Providence, LA.

8. I hit my toes on everything. My son likes to say that I act like I'm surprised every day to find that I even have toes because I never make the necessary allowances that would keep me from continually stubbing them.

And now for that second rule-- at this point I'm supposed to share the love by asking eight other bloggers to play. Of course, I've never been one to follow rules really well, so I'm going to name my eight BUT I'm going to tell you right here and now that you don't have to play if you don't want to-- and IF you want to play you can take as long as you'd like. :)



  1. Love your eight things, Shellie....and I was interested to see we share a penchant for being mean to our toes....

  2. Well, thanks for the Scrap award--I think :)
    I'll try to get to it one day soon....
    But I did love your eight things! And yes you do have toes, you should watch out for those little guys!

  3. Kim Jo says, "I wanna play,too"

    1. My ears are red from the five night talking to from My Master, I got schooled by the Master.
    2. I sing praises to Him every day, though I can't carry a tune in 2-five gallon buckets, much to the disdain of our basset hound, Daisy.
    3. I have a wonderful husband and friend, Jack, who has wiped my tears and tickled my funny bones so many times in our 30 year marriage.
    4. I have been blessed with a daughter, Jacki who is an RN with 3 little rugrats who have their Grandad wrapped around their fingers and a Son, Will Ferrell(yeah that is right) another comedian who packs a gun and a taser, hes a State Trooper, the fourth in our family.
    5. I love to cook for my family and friends.
    6. I love to witness and share my love of faith, country and family and friends.
    7. I love critters, too.
    8. I love writing and telling stories and now today, I started blogging for the Lord!

    And I thank God for Shellie, she has inspired me, befriended me as one would a one eyed, three legged tan coon hound and didn't even wrinkle her nose one time at my Kentucky dialect. She is a true Southern lady. I love you Shellie and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.