Saturday, February 27, 2010

Priming the Pump

Oh, friends, I hope y'all are having a most wonderful day. And if it isn't wonderful, I hope it's causing you to seek the King. That's one way we can count it all joy, you know. If what is hard causes us to seek His presence and enjoy the delights of His love we can, over time, "reckon" the most despairing circumstances to have been friends dressed as foes.
I type these words to you from my back porch, my winter weary soul having been enticed out here by the beautiful day. Already my fingers are beginning to stiffen in the chill but I'm determined to ignore them and wait it out. Maybe my body temp will get adjusted. I so need the fresh air and it is indeed lovely out here, even if the brown grass has yet to catch the spring vision, even if one has to look past the badly weathered house plants and the back porch sorely in need of a good spring cleaning.
I feel up to the challenge seeing as, mind you, I came out here to write on Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy. If I'm lucky, I generally get a few hours on Saturday to work on this manuscript that must be turned in by June 1st. Whew. If you're listening, oh dear editor, I'm gonna make it. Tomboy honor.
I can't just start on the book, of course. That's not how it's done. As I mentioned on my and River Jordan's Great Southern Wing and a Prayer Tour blogspot, writer type people often Procrastinate with a captial P when they're supposed to be writing. This can mean checking email, playing on facebook and twitter, which I'm doing RAT now (love you folks commenting on The Builder and Cruel Gravity comments) instead of writing. While this is indeed a form of procrastination it is also a way to prime the word pump, and by that I mean working your way thru the first words that bubble up in order to settle your mind down enough to write. As I also noted on that other blog post, (can you tell I'd really really really really really really appreciate your following us and leaving us comments so that we know we're not hollering into a cyber space echo), sometimes I seem to have to go thru more than my share of miscellaneous words to get to any that count. And now, I shall go see if I'm there yet. Later gators.

Wait--- one more thing. speaking of gators. Did you know my All Things Southern 2010 Southern Pearl t-shirts were delivered to Simmons Sporting Goods in Bastrop, LA yesterday? Here's a pic of me showing some Gator Love to a big fella there.

And here's Stormy holding up DNA-- Duly Noted Abnormalities that tie a Belle to her tribe. (That is soooooooooooo me and my big messy family. How about yours?)

Yippy Skippy! It was tons of work to get 'em to retail, but I'm so excited about it. Plans are to get them in the All Things Southern online store next week for those of you who aren't from around here. :) And now, I'm outta here. Sue Ellen is calling...


  1. I must have one of those shirts... please please let us know when we can order them online!

    By the way, I am anxiously awaiting the next book... Suck Your Stomach in and Put Some Color On is in a special place in my room, right next to my G.R.I.T.S. Guide to Life and How to Talk to a Liberal -- If You Must... just so's ya know. :)

  2. Hey Miss Preppy! I'll shoot you a note when I get 'em online. And thanks for the words about my book's place of honor, LOL. That made me smile!