Friday, February 5, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Since many of you were in on my early morning drama, I figured it was only fair to fill y'all in on the rest of the story, but first I'll set things up for anyone reading who wasn't with us.

I arrived at the FOX studios to host All Things Southern LIVE at my regular time. Being the first one in the parking lot didn't bother me as I am the first live show of the day and it's generally only me and my boardman there in the morning's earliest hours. As the clock neared "kickoff" however, I began to be concerned. Where was Boardman anyway? I couldn't get him on the phone, but I was sure he'd be driving up any minute. Wrong.

When showtime came and went with no sight of missing buddy it occured to me that I needed to open the old laptop, log in and begin facebooking and twittering the status of All Things Southern LIVE, thinking that, worse case scenario, we'd be a few minutes later going on and I should tell the loyal listeners. Wrong again. It would soon become apparent that we were going to be more than a few minutes late. We weren't going to go on at all.

While visiting via email and social media with everyone and their mama wanting to know where I was and why I had been "Becked", (Glen Beck was playing on the automated system), I contacted my guests, Ad Hudler author of "Man of the House", Jackie K. Cooper, Entertainment Man Of Middle Georgia, and Tonya Pesek from Jim Taylor Chevrolet to make my apologies. By this time I don't mind telling you that I was getting more than a little worried as Boardman is a most dependable, responsible young man. I was also more than a little irritated with myself for never seeing the need to get a key to the stinking studio!

But enough already, I'm gonna wrap up this half of the story with a very simple explanation. Boardman wasn't hurt. He had overslept. That is correct. Overslept. He was very sincerely apologetic and I very sincerely forgave him. That, however, is just FYI, here's the rest of the story...

For some time now I've known that I needed to learn to run my board myself, for reasons that are too wordy to go into here. It's just something I know I need to be able to do but I was putting it off. Was. Past tense. I recognize this spot, folks. I've learned that when I'm wanting to do something, thinking about it, and avoiding it while praying about it, and if it's something I need to do, Father God will just kindly push me out of the nest. Fly little birdie.

So, starting next week, yours truly will run the board and host the show. (Once Boardman arrived today, I had him give me an initial lesson.) It looks difficult. It looks doable.

I will learn a lot.

I will mess up a lot.

I will pray a lot.

It should be very interesting. The big question is, will y'all hang with me?



  1. When I had my radio show I swore I was going to learn the board. I didn't. So good luck to you. It ain't easy!

  2. :) Thanks, Jackie! (Hopefully I won't cut your sound accidentally while you're giving us one of your famous entertainment reports!)

  3. Yeah... I'll hang in there with you. I run the sound board/video recording system/CD player at our church and it can't be that much more difficult than that. Heck every now in then I'll jump in and help run the cumputerised audio/video TV projection system too! You seem to be faily bright and competent, so I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time. Get that key and unlock that big ol bright and shiny new world girl. Go for it!