Friday, November 21, 2008

Introducing Miss Emerson Ann Tomlinson

The stats:

November 20th, 2008
7 lbs. 3 ounces
20.5 inches

The miracle...

The joy...

What? You thought I'd close without one of me and Emerson? Oh, friends...I haven't even gotten started. Stay tuned. This is just the briefest of updates for those family and friends that can't be here. (Emerson Ann loves you Aunt Jessica and Uncle Patrick! See you at Thanksgiving!) ~Hugs, Shellie


  1. Thank you for posting pictures! Hope mother and daughter are doing fine!! Please tell the proud parents I said hello and have been praying for them! Congrats!! She is beautiful!
    Kristen Thomas

  2. Oh,my!!!!! Phillip and Carrie, what a beautiful baby and gift that God has blessed to your care. Keggie, you need to stop, do you really think that your calf is the greatest????? Of course she is!!!!! Congrats to all of you, enjoy all the love you have, love you aunt cyndie and uncle ric
    {gigi and gi-paw}

  3. What a beautiful baby!!! I know you are so prowd of her. It feels great to be a grandparent huh? Try not to spoil her too much. She is so pretty, I don't know who she looks like, maybe her Great Aunt Leta, ha. Congratulations to you and Phil and have a great Thanksgiving giving God the glory for this little bundle of joy. I love you bunches, Aunt Leta

  4. She looks beautiful!!! Congratulations to all. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Cuzin Stan

  5. She is absolutely precious and we are so glad she is finally here!!!
    Loves, Shane, Ashley, Hunter & Mason

  6. And she's even more beautiful in person!!! I know we all see precious Emerson as a blessing from the Sweet Lord - and truly she is - but can I just say that she too is blessed among babies to have a Mom and Dad who love, serve and share the Lord so faithfully! I love y'all and am looking forward to sharing in your "new adventure! Other G Mother

  7. Phillip and Carrie what a beautiful baby girl. A baby is truly a gift from God. I pray she will bring you much happiness. Cathy Judd

  8. What a beautiful family! It seems like yesterday that Carey was running around my mom and dad's house in diapers! I wish you all the best. Love, Tracey (Fryer) Huffman

  9. Oh!!! Our God has outdone himself this time!!!! Thanks be to him for all the good things that I---your neighbor, your fan always--see in you and yours. She is just beautiful and I bet she can throw a ball! Love, Mrs. Carole

  10. Awwww What an especially thankful Thanksgiving this year at Grandma's house!

    Emerson Ann is just precious. Since she IS a little Southern Belle, we must remember that middle name :-D

    Savannah Grace move over...Emmie Ann is here :-D

    Love ya sis, and I am so happy for ya...Catch up, Jessica, but not during Momma's Thanksgiving meal...not a way for a memorable Thanksgiving ;-)

    Tamara Davida

  11. Oh, how sweet,, and we share the same birthday! Congrats