Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Thanksgiving Journal

Hello friends,

I just finished posting to another of my favorite social networking sites and I so enjoyed recounting my blessings that I decided to edit that post appropriately and place it here for you.

Today, my grateful list will start with my first grandchild. If you haven't met Emerson Ann, go back about two posts and let her bless your socks off.

I am grateful that although Jessica Ann, my first born, went through a painful miscarriage this year, she is now 18 weeks pregnant again and all is well.

I am grateful for being born and raised in America, the greatest land on earth. To watch the non-violent transition of power should be gratifying to us all, regardless of whether or not you voted for the incoming President.

I am grateful that despite the late Spring freeze that threatened our young crops and despite the heavy fall rains that threatened the harvest, we were able to salvage the year. Banner year? No way! But we will live to farm another day.

I am grateful for my health and I am grateful for the spirit and grace of some dear friends and family who are facing challenging health issues with inspiring faith.

I am grateful for the blood of Jesus Christ that satisfied a debt of sin I could never pay and made a way into the Father's heart for me and you.

Today I will lay out the Thanksgiving Journal in the kitchen. All who come and go will pick up a pen and add another blessing from the past year. I have learned from experience that sometimes, when you can't say anything else, you can say, "Thank you for all the days of my life than haven't been as painful as this one." There is always room to praise. We just have to look harder some times than others.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. May it be filled to the brim and overflowing with friends, family, and gratitude for all!


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