Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

What a day...what a long, wonderful satisfying day. I was up cooking by 6:30 A.M. Jessica appeared shortly thereafter and it was on! Phil and Patrick headed to the woods to meet Phillip and put up some deer stands while we girls set out to create our traditional feasts. Jessica and I are open to trying new dishes, (Jessica made a great new pumpkin bread with creme cheese icing), but they are never, but never, allowed to replace the old!

Once the men tended to their important duties, they returned to the spread we girls had laid out! Soon, Phillip and Carey showed up with The Emerson Ann, who was exceedingly gracious for the paparazzi.

Here are the new parents looking especially grateful for their Thanksgiving blessing.

In these pics, Miss Emerson is wearing her "Baby's First Thanksgiving" outfit, complete with brown ruffles on her bottom, but in true belle style, she had a couple costume changes for us today!

Emerson Ann meets Jessica Ann. Love at first sight!

Holding hands with Aunt Jessica...

Uncle Patrick and Emerson do some bonding. Patrick and Jessica, remember, will be parents themselves in about five months.

My husband, Phil, affectionately known as "Pops" marvels at his first grandchild.

I, of course, am getting neck sugar! You may notice our little bundle's coloring. Emerson has a little jaundice but her levels are coming down all the time.

Emerson Ann meets her Uncle Jake!

And this, folks, is what a celebrity looks like when she has had enough of the paparazzi! In the words of southerners everywhere, "Bless her heart..."


  1. I too, am greatful for all the blessings that grands bring into your life. Emerson Ann is beautiful and almost as wonderful and Jackson and Emery/ Again, Keggie-we all think our crows are the blackest!!!!!!! Your baby is beautiful indeed!!!!!! Missed you and your family, but, enjoyed mine today!!! Take care, and already Emerson is running things I can see, at your house. You go Emerson.!!! Aunt Cyndie

  2. Hi, Shellie What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessin',,, she's beautiful, but I can already tell I don't need to tell you that. Congratulations to you all! Glad to see you have a blogsite as well now,, I've recently hopped on that bus as well, you can see it at