Saturday, May 9, 2009

All righty now...

Remember last week when I invited 2bad2b@aol down to our annual snake rodeo? Well, I'm there now-- at the rodeo where teams compete to see who can take the most, the biggest, and the baddest. For the record, there's no sign of Mr.2bad, but I just knew y'all would want to see the pics!

By the way, here's what I just got from the marine biologist's little demonstration, (that would be the fellow milking that nice big boy below), the one who told the crowd how to differentiate between the poisonous cottonmouth and the diamond back water snakes. For the record they look like twins and they BOTH have triangular heads (there goes that myth) but-- big but coming- if you will, get this, FLIP them over and check out the scales at the end of their tails you can see the difference. I would explain those differences further, um, well, but that's where he lost me. Flipping them over and checking their tails??? It ain't happening...

Check y'all later.

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  1. I am sooo jealous. I so want to be at the snake rodeo. How could you hold this without me? And why isn't there a photo of you picking one up??

  2. Forgive men, honey-- I will have to post the date on the web next year. My bad. Now, as for the photo you requested, my producer was there and he thought it'd be cool to put one of those big daddies in each hand and cheese it. I graciously declined. Ratings are one thing, but we have talked about straight running crazy, now haven't we? Stay tuned, we're gonna bring that one back up on the porch.

  3. Those things are dead aren't they? My skin is crawling (with snakes) just looking at your pics....Jeez, get those things off me!!

  4. Marty, dear-- they were still TWITCHING!!! But, of course, that was just their nerves-- right? I did not test the theory, no I did not!

  5. Snake rodeo??? Are you freakin' kiddin' me? I'm so glad my mom didnt see this picture she would still be having a fit... the things southern people do.. ha ha. Have a happy mothers day!

  6. Nope. Does that tangle of snakes look like a joke? LOL! But, hey-- the lake is ready for the summer activities now. Anyone up for a swim off my dock with me???