Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Truth about Hair Spray

A little story and a lesson...

After doing my hair just like I like-- and yes, I know some of you would like for me to change my hair style, I got the memos but I like it this way-- I reached for my brand new can of Big Sexy Hair. ALAS!!! When I sprayed it over my hair and opened my eyes there was white foamy stuff all over my light green bathroom walls, not to mention my crowning glory. As Charlie Brown might say, "ARGH!"

Being fully assured that the hole was probably plugged up I searched for a tiny needle in my jewelry box and cleaned that hole out a couple times. Problem solved. Only it wasn't. The second time I did my spray job, I opened my eyes to see the same light blanket of white snow.

Being determined that I wasn't going to throw away my brand new perfectly good bottle of Big Sexy, and while composing a letter of complaint in my head to the company, I cleaned the tiny hole out again and tried again.

This being the third time I saw white, and I being a smart woman of relatively sound mind, it finally occurred to me to look closer at the bottle. That is when I saw the word "mousse". would've been nice to have considered that possibility before it became necessary to wash down the bathroom walls and before I was forced to put my ruined hair up in a clippie.

So, here it is: Mousse will never, ever turn into hair spray no matter how many times you spray it or stick a needle in the tiny hole on the sprayer. It reminds me of the time my sisters and I learned that minnows will never become fish no matter how long you keep them in the abandoned freezer behind the barn. But that's another story...



  1. LOL. Sounds like something I would do. Thanks for the lesson and the chuckle!

  2. I never knew minnows were never meant to be fish...jut fish bait? You got more education that I at a much younger age!!

  3. Oh, yes, please overlook my typos...jut should have been just

    and that....should have been than.

  4. I found you and enjoyed looking back at your old posts and pictures. You know you are so blessed with two absolutely beautiful grandchildren. Life just keeps getting better doesn't it :-).

    I'll be following your blog now.