Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breaking Bread at The Loveless Cafe

Notes from the road:
By 1:00 today we had lost and recovered one blackberry, one camera, AND the jeep keys (the sunglasses remain at large), but none of that could dampen our enthusiasm! Here we are at The Famous Loveless Cafe, breaking bread with fellow writer and word people. I’m NOT going to try and name these wonderful folks. Rivuh is in this ginormous mall somewhere and I’m posting from Starbucks and just as sure as I try, I’m gonna mess up. Can I just say they were all precious—precious! Yes, I may have teared up when it came my time to introduce myself and tell a little about me and what it is I do, especially since River was smiling at me across the table with some sorta twisted proud parent look like, “You tell ‘em, buddy.”  I’ll let River add the names later!  Please note that my priorities were straight. There are a number of pics toward the end of the food, first the legendary biscuits in the making and then one of River’s plate and another of River enduring me taking a pic of her plate. The last couple shots are of our wonderful waiter and host—a fine example of southern hospitality. We enjoyed it, Loveless!

Oh—and by the way—watch for us on the Food Network. Yep—there was film crew there and we just “happened” to get in the shot.

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On the road again,
River and Shellie

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