Thursday, March 11, 2010


When in the course of human events, it become necessary to spend the afternoon picking up pine cones in advance of the first yard mowing of the season and taking them to the farm to discard them in the wood pile, someone has to pause from the actual work to document the process.

At least that’s what I told Beloved Hubby. You may notice he looks like he is questioning that idea in several of these photos. But, of course, I get the smile I love because that’s just who he is. Love this man.
Dsc_0005 Dsc_0026 Dsc_0030 Dsc_0047 Dsc_0050 Dsc_0067 Dsc_0068 Dsc_0070

The event depicted here transpired a couple Sunday afternoons ago. I’m just setting up Live Writer tonight. One more thing crossed off the list before hitting the road for the Great Southern Wing and a Prayer Tour! Seven days and and counting. Ready or not, here we come!



  1. Yayy! So glad u got it working!!!!!
    You'll have to tell me how u fixed it :)
    Glad u made it home safe too

  2. It was a problem with Picasso-- (sp?) Who knew that blogger routed their pics thru them?