Thursday, March 18, 2010

LandMark Books in Franklin, TN

Our second stop of the day was vastly different from our Loveless get-together but every bit as charming! We were greeted at Landmark books by owners, Joel and Carol Tomlin. (Joel and I immediately decided that our family trees may intersect somewhere back down the line as he has been told that their family name was once Tomlinson before someone began dropping the last letters. I’m figuring that person was what you’d call bone tired, amen?)

Rivuh and I were quite touched with our billboard. Made us feel all Hollywood.


Here is a shot of the Tomlins with a sweet reader we met from Shreveport, which, of course, isn’t that far from my stomping ground. I interviewed her with my flip camera and will try to send that up, too!


Now, I just don’t know what to say about this mother-daughter duo.  The Wells just may take up where The Judds left off!  Mom, Korie, is a talented poet and daughter, Kelsey, is a very accomplished musician. They blessed us with a performance of Korie’s poems set to Kelsey’s music, and because I just know I can’t do this justice with words, I’m keeping this post short on purpose so I can try to find and upload that video!


On the road again,

River and Shellie

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