Saturday, January 3, 2009

Country Goes to Town

Hey Y'all,

This weekend Phil and I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with our good friends, Rhonda and Lamar.

We took a short trip to Greenwood, MS to stay at The Alluvian.

The famous Viking Cooking School sits across the street. It was cool. My daughter would've been in orbit over this place. Note to self: must take Jessica.

We didn't take a class, (had to be signed up earlier) but we enjoyed browsing the retail store and buying a few new cooking gadgets. Among a few other small items, I got some awesome stainless silver coffee cups/saucers like the ones back in our room at the Alluvian so my man and I can experience a little luxury back here at home. The man himself-

Afterwards we went back to the hotel to dress for our reservations at historic Giardina’s, one of the Mississippi Delta's finest restaurants. Roller Derby pic straight ahead.

Okay, confession time. You should've seen our Country Gone to Town faces when our party of four was finally called and we were escorted to our own stall. I don't know what we were expecting and I know it was really a private dining room, but seriously, check out this picture. Does it not look like a riding stable? Our stall was on the far left. :)

(Sorry Giardina's. I was raised on Bull Run Road, you know?) The heavy green panels are the "doors" to the private rooms. Funny thing is, time flew by in our little room. Before we knew it two hours of "dining" had passed and we were ready to roll to our rooms.

Saturday afternoon we went to see "Seven Pounds", the new Will Smith movie. Let me sum it up for you. CRY YOUR EYES OUT SAD STUFF. Red doesn't get to choose movies for the four of us ever again. Sorry Red.

I can't tell you how long it's been since I have totally and completely relaxed-- no working, texting, emails, nothing. It's under-rated. That's all I'm saying.


P.S. Wait-- I lied. I did do a tiny bit of texting when Phillip and Carey e'd a pic of my grinning grandchild. I must post Emerson Ann here. Is she fine, or what?


  1. Shellie,
    Happy New Year! I don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer but, since Christmas I am finding or TAKING more and more time to visit I absolutely love everything I see and didn't realize until tonight you have other books! Tonight was the first time I went into photos and blog, just had to say Rhonda C. Perry looks like her sweet mother and your dear husband, well, he is Buzzy made over. Didn't see that in either when they were younger. Enjoying ATS and passing it on to friends. . .Freda B. Crook

  2. Great blog post. Love the pictures. Emerson is adorable. Blessings!