Sunday, January 25, 2009

Open Letters to Emerson Ann and Grant Thomas

Dear Emerson,

I see I've got your attention. Good. I wanted to tell you how much Pops and I love you. It was so much fun to keep you Friday night while your parents went out to eat. Remember, our deal: We won't tell your parents that we never put you down if you won't. All that "let her fret a little and she'll go back to sleep on her own" business, well, that's for your mom and dad. Been there, done that. We're grands now and we get to break the rules. You and I may bend a few more before we're done. Cookies are very nutritious. Seriously.

Love and hugs,
Keggie and Pops

Dear Grant,

Pops and I still have your picture in a place of honor. We love you, already. Funny, isn't it? We've yet to see your face, breathe your baby smell, or admire your toes-- and yet we're totally wild about you. When we talk about you, and we do that a lot, we smile.

I know you're sort of young to be put in this position, but we have a favor to ask of you. Please have your daddy take a picture of your mama's belly and send it to us. You may have to do a few somersaults in there to make it happen but maybe they'll try to catch a pic of a wiggle or even the imprint of a tiny heel. We promise not to show it on the blog, or share it with the ATS porchers or anyone else. You can trust us. Really.

Love and hugs,
Pops and Keggie

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  1. Oh, don't worry Emerson has already told on yall!!! But the main thing she said was that she loves her Keggie & Pops so much! We won't to see a pic of little Grant Thomas in Jess's belly too!