Thursday, January 15, 2009

Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, TX

Hey y'all,

I'm sitting on a big comfy bed in a wonderful little B&B in Jefferson, TX feeling blessed times two. I've already taken some pics but since time is a-wasting and I've got to be at an author/media reception at 5:30, (Yikes--- yep-- I'm sporting the roller derby look even as I type. Look back several posts for that one.) Anyways, and I meant for that "s" to be there, I promised y'all TUESDAY to tell you about this event but Tuesday blurred into Thursday and well, here's the scoop.

You can see the Delta Street Inn here: It is lovely and my host and hostess are flat out charming. I think I'm in love with Jefferson, TX and I haven't been in town but a couple of hours. Some of that would be in part to a story I just read in the town paper about a dog named Bingo who used to live here, but I digress... again.

This is the official Girlfriend Weekend 2009, put on by none other than The Pulpwood Queen, Kathy Patrick, We're fixin' to have some serious fun. I can't wait to post pics of Red and I, (my BFF) in the costumes we're wearing Saturday night for the Big Hair Ball. They may as well go ahead and engrave our names on those trophies for best dressed 'cuz we ain't leaving without 'em and it'd be a shame if we had to steal 'em. I mean, that would not bode well for my Sunday morning speaking engagement at The First Methodist Church here, now would it, hmm? Are you listening judges?

But-- before all that-- before the Big Hair Ball and before the Sunday morning service where you just know I'll get to do my very favorite thing-- talk about my sweet Lord Jesus, yours truly here is going to get to do a spoof of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, (the one with Foxworthy, and the Get 'Er Done guy.) Kathy Patrick, River Jordan, Suzanne McClaren, and myself will comprise the Pink Collar Tour for the Friday evening entertainment. Don't tell anyone, but we haven't even practiced. We're just gonna sit out there like the men do, all glammed up in rhinestones and pink, and wing it! I can't wait.

More later-- I've got to get the roller derby down and scoot.

Tons of love to y'all--


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  1. So glad yall made it safely. Don't have too much fun this weekend! I would tell Red to keep you straight or you to keep her straight...I'm not sure which way that would go. Anyway Emerson misses you already!