Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

By way of confession, I was wrong. After six years of foot draggin' about blogging, and countless excuses, I admit it-- I was sorely mistaken. I thought in addition to all my other deadline duties, blogging would just be too much, but apparently I have even more words in me, (poor Husband, that can't be easy.) I just love chatting with y'all about the living that happens between All Things Southern's weekly issues.

I mean, when else would I tell y'all about blowing up a Christmas tree at the New Year's Eve party? (More on that later!) My friends, Andy and Laurie Brister host this event at their hunting camp. This is my kind of party-- there are no sequins here, folks! We're talking camo and sweats. Meet the happy host --

and hostess--

I really must share a Laurie story. Some people (not me, of course) may have given this self-described girly girl a hard time for noting on the invitation, "Bring your favorite party food. We'll have duck gumbo and non-venison chili." I mean, who invites folks to a hunting camp with a non-venison disclaimer, but a true girly-girl?" (Love you, Laurie!)

Here are some pics of the crowd. What are they lined up to watch? Well, I'm getting to that.

But back to our question. Why are we all standing outside in the cold weather? Why for "The 2nd Annual Redneck New Year's/Christmas Tree Disposal Celebration", of course! This is the cutting edge way of disposing of those trees, don't you know? Doesn't everyone do that on New Year's? (You can watch video of that first celebration here:

And here's this year's victim going up in flames.

The good news is that no one was injured, but the tree. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S FRIENDS!


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  1. Clearly a GREAT TIME was had by all!

    Happy New Year!