Monday, March 9, 2009

Catching up with Miss Emerson

Hey Y'all,

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Hammond, LA. I just finished looking over the speech I'll be giving in the morning. I'm going to try to stay on topic tomorrow. It's the best chance I have to maintain control on all the people inside my head who invariably try to tell many different stories at once. Do you reckon people show know this when they contract my services? Right. That's what I thought. Everyone loves surprises, don't they? I'll let y'all know how it goes.
Earlier The Darling Hubby and I visited over the new webcams on our laptops. We think we are so cutting edge. Do not even tell us how long this technology has been available. We don't care. He even turned the cam around so I could say goodnight to Dixie Belle, who barely lifted her little chocolate lab head, I might add. (She always pouts when I'm not home.)

Before I turn in tonight, I am committed to finishing a post I've been working on for weeeeekkkkssss. The pics anyway, I've been putting them in and meaning to/planning on/trying to chat around them forever. I'm giving up on that. From this point there will be very little chatting and many pics. Short FYI-- they start with our last trip to Jessica and Patrick's in Houston and end with Miss Emerson, Miss Emerson and Miss Emerson.

My number one son, Phillip, and his beautiful wife, Carey at Jess's house.

Jessica Ann, "Did you know you're named after me?"

Emerson Ann, "My great Nanee says it was after her middle name and my Aunt Ann says it was after her."

Jessica Ann, "Don't listen to them and I will buy you a bunch of presents!"

Uncle Patrick and Emerson Ann get in some bonding.

Darling Hubby!

Emerson, "I hated putting this outfit away! I hope I can still wear this next year."

"I'll grow how much by then? WOW. Sounds like a lot of milk to me."

"Really, Keggie, and then what did all the crying people say when you said you just weren't that into running for President?"

"Look at my baby blues!"

Randon pic of my mama playing tennis with Dixie Belle.

Emerson, "Keggie, you're a little different, but you make me laugh."

Miss Emerson is "out". I couldn't resist the pic because her little outfit very appropriately says, "Life is good."

Emerson, "So, you want me to cheese for the camera?"

"How's this?"

"And this?"

"Or this?"

"Okay, Keggie, one more for the road!"

Thanks, Emerson. And thanks folks, for bearing with the weary ramblings of a sleepy speaker. I'm out of here.



  1. Mom- how cute. I love seeing pictures of Emerson and Nany was a big bonus! Love you and Dad!

  2. Sweet! What an adorable baby! I just caught up via facebook/ATS/blog -- I'm just hopping all over the place! Anyway, if there's a way to comment on ATS, I couldn't figure it out, but that Pelosi/Purse thing had me ROLLING! As a "retired" reporter/editor now farming with the Dear Husband, I'm with you on a woman's inalienable right to her purse!

  3. Hey, my word verification thingy was stfun...
    St. Fun?! Are you kidding me? If you had a patron saint, that would probably be it! That just tickles my former-Catholic fancy!

  4. Beautiful family, girlfriend. Just beautiful.