Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congress Smongress-- Give Us a Break

So, in case you couldn't watch the news today cause you were, oh, I don't know WORKING to bring in money for your government to redistribute, (and they thank you, yes they do), here's a recap of the important dialouge offered by the esteemed members of Congress. The names will be withheld because they're largely interchangeable.

"I'm mad!"

"I'm madder!"

"I'm maddest!"

Note to all of y'all. We're mad, too. I just wish we could figure out how not to take it anymore.


  1. I know, when New Providence floods--the Mississippi River is rising, you know--you will qualify for some "bail out" money!

    Hap - py days are here again!

    Don't we all wish the Longs were back in politics?

  2. Amen Shellie... If its one thing my husband and I have learned over twenty years of marriage is that you cant get out of debt by going and borrowing more money,, and when you really think about it, its just plain common sense.