Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kenya Update

Hey Y'all,

I'm lending a blog spot today to my dear sister-in-law and her husband for an update. Y'all have met them before at my site. (And you can always find them under ministry opportunities on the left hand banner.) As of this writing Opp and Karen are headed back to Kenya with a huge list of things to accomplish for their orphanage and feeding ministry. I would appreciate any prayers and/or support you could offer them. THANKS!! And now, here'sssssssssss Seeds:

Friends & Supporters

We leave tomorrow, Thursday, Apr 30th for a 5 week stay in Kenya.

Wow, where to start---

1- We have six people going with us for various lengths of time.
2- There will be a medical clinic established at the Bread of Life Center. We have an ER doctor, nurse and their daughter going.
3- There will be an education conference for our teachers. There will be one on one work with our teachers also. This part will be led by a Dr. from UCA in Conway who specializes in child development and problem learning.
4- There is a pastor from Chattanooga going who will be preaching and teaching- a lot!
5- We will be doing a "You are special" celebration of life at the BoL for the 220 school kids. It will be a festival with games, prizes, etc and will last two days. A friend of ours from Conway is going to help and will also be teaching and preaching.
6- There will be a "Living Water Party at the orphanage. We'll send pictures!
6- We will build the two wood fired 150 loaf bread ovens.
7- We will be buying 200-300 baby chicks to place at the orphanage to start the chicken project that will ultimately sustain the orphanage.
8- We will buy the first 5 acres of the 30 acres for the new orphanage complex. There is a 200 ft deep bore hole that can provide enough water for 60 homes at a quality good enough to sell! There is working electricity within 150 yds of the well.
9- We will start building the first chicken house on the new property for the 3,500 chick project that when completed and producing eggs will support the orphanage.
10- We are sure there will be other issues that need to be addressed when we get there. There always is.

But above all, the most important thing to be done is to offer what the the Lord has laid on our hearts-- to give hope in Jesus name! And hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.? Romans 5:5 You know, He is the Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.He is our Blessed Hope.

God always does many things on our trips. This one will be no exception. We are all excited. Please pray for the trip and the people we will be ministering to. As usual God is providing the necessary funds for the work through you. If you are not apart of the trip yet and want to be, there is always a need for money to do God's work. If you would like to contribute to the efforts you may send your seed to our address below. Our bookkeeper will be tending the mail.

There will be web page update links sent out as we can produce updates and we always welcome e-mails from you to us.

In His Service,
Opp & Karen

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