Friday, June 19, 2009

Catching up

I'm sorta kinda hoping y'all aren't finding this as I'm working on it, but oh, well, y'all already know my life is messy. :) The thing is, I sent the pics from my tired bberry (needs juice and I refuse to stay plugged in near it), and now I'm adding text from the laptop. Sooooo, you may want to refresh, depending on when you happen upon this. I'm typing around nine. I've sent Jessica Ann to bed and insisted that I'm taking night shift. The Man is sleeping soundly at the moment.

The first several pics are pretty much how I found Baby Grant upon my arrival. Grant says, "Keggie! This reflux buisness will wear a little fella out!"

Once Jessica picked me up at the airport, it was on to the doctor's. Here is what we know. The doctor is thinking that Grant's full body rash, (you can't really see it, but it's raised and pretty much moving head to toe now), may not be a reaction to the meds after all. It is his suspicion that Grant has been fighting an unknown viral infection this week which is just now exhibiting itself with the rash. If this is so, it may be, according to doc, that the virus was complicating his pain and irritation and his reflux could be milder than earlier suspected.

Grant was, once again, unable to get his vaccinations because the doctor didn't want to further complicate/disguise what is going on. He took Grant, for the weekend, off of his reflux medicine to see how he responds and if the rash goes away. It remains to be seen when or which medicine he may start him on again Monday.

This means that over the weekend Grant will be without his reflux medicine, which can make his mama anxious because he was just getting better and she, nor I, of course, want to go backwards but we need to do what the doctor says. Please pray with me that Grant will rest peacefully and handle his meals without pain. Thank you.

Here is the little sweetheart again with his daddy. I call these two Pete and Repete.

Grant makes a quality decision to smile through the discomfort!

Okay, I'm switching gears, but I'm way behind blogging w/bberry because it has been acting congtrary about sending pics to the net. This next shot is my Emerson Ann and her Mama playing at my house earlier in the week. Emerson loves to laugh. She is always ready to play and forever smiling. I wanted to post this because there are always tons of pics of Emerson and few of her mommy because Carey is always behind the camera! I love you, girls!

And here is a shot, going backward again, of me and Miss Emerson at Sunday School. I ask you, who is cheesing more?

And now for a fun, fun finish. I realize this post is all out of sync chronologically. I hope you're not getting dizzy, but we're back to Friday, now! The pic below is of my new friend, Doris. I met Doris on the plane out to Houston. And that's the story I want to tell y'all...

Being a bonafide people person, ninety-nine percent of the time I am happy to talk to anyone and everyone. Today, however, fell into that one percentage where I boarded my plane thinking to myself, "I so need rest." I had fallen into bed after my speaking engagement last night after eleven o'oclock and woke up this morning before five to get ready for the morning's radio show. I just wanted to get on the plane and r-e-s-t. Those were my plans. That's what I thought I needed. Did you know the Bible says that we don't know our own hearts? Yeah, just thought I'd mention that.

So, I'm in my seat beside this nicely dressed, polite lady. I have my I-pod in my ears preparing to listen to a new teaching I had from Joyce Meyers. My goal was to fall asleep with it in my ears. (Sorry, Joyce. I did plan to listen later if that helps.)

In the middle of my well laid out plan I heard these words drop into my head.

"Ask the lady beside you if she needs prayer for anything."

"Oh, no. Not now," I thought. "You're kiddin', right?" Try as I might to talk myself out of it, I was pretty sure I recognized that voice speaking to me. But oh, how wrong my tired flesh wanted to be. I peeked at the lady beside me. She looked peaceful, even serene. I sent a little mental message back in the direction I suspected the first one had came from.

"Seriously, Lord, she looks fine to me."

Silence. "Need I remind you, yet again, of what I said about how I look on the inside of people and you look on the outside. Ask her if she needs prayer."

Heavy sigh. Mine. And then, resignation, followed on the heels with reluctant obedience, but obedience nonetheless. I turned to the lady beside me.

"Excuse me. I don't mean to bother you, but, well, is there anything going on you would like me to pray about with you?"

The lady gave me a gracious smile and shook her head. "No, I'm fine. Just tired."

So that was that. I went back to my I-pod wondering what that was all about, still tired, body and soul. A few minutes later, the lady nudged my arm. This time she had a question.

"What church do you go to?" And after that answer came, "And can you tell me why you asked?"

I hope y'all are still with me, because this is where it gets GOOD! I soon discovered my seatmate was a fellow believer--a tired one, no doubt, much as I-- sound in spirit but weary in flesh. And yet, what broke out between us before that plane landed in Houston can best be described as our own personal revival, orhcestrated by our Father, and smiled upon from heaven. Before long my new friend Doris and I were holding hands and petitioning the throne. She prayed for me, for Grant, for everything else on my plate, and I in turn prayed God's blessings of renewed strength and vigor for Doris and her loved ones. By the time we said "Amen" I felt like I couldn've ran a marathon! (Oh, and Doris was feeling mighty good herself.)

The beauty of it is that I thought I was reaching out to help Doris, but the blessing came back to me a hundredfold. And that my friends, is something I like to call the blessing of obedience. It is the epitome of a win/win situation.

Isn't that just like God?


"And the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends" (Job 42:10).

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  1. Well, I just love this kind of newsy, chatty post! Feels like we just got done sitting on the porch! And since I don't know if our emails ever decided to get along, let me just recap my email reply:
    Blah-blah - you're awesome - yada-yade - how do you do it all? Well, you get the idea. Bottom line, I was so thrilled to hear about all that God is working in you - I love, love, women's Bible study and can't wait to see yours and take it for a spin! I'm also looking forward to your novel(s). I'm a lifelong writer ('retired' newspaper woman) yet never felt compelled to write a novel! I actually think I'm a better editor than writer, so if you ever need anyone to take anything of yours out for a test spin, I'm your girl! Love the family pics - our wedding was great and our family is blessed! Here's our photographer's "sneak peek" - she hauled them out to a corn field and grain elevator to get the "rural touch" - what a hoot!
    Hope to see you sometime!

  2. Wow! Ain't God Good! So glad you had a good flight! And good for you for getting Jess to sleep! We are lifting up little Grant! Poor thing! But I know he's happy to see his Keggie! I can't wait to get my hands on him, in about a week! Give him sugar for me!
    LOVE all of you!!!