Monday, June 22, 2009

My Redneck Radio Studio

Hey folks,

I think it's about time I make good on that promise of mine to show y'all around the Redneck Radio Studio. Friends and neighbors, please direct your attention to the far right corner of my great room. This is the as-official-as-it-gets All Things Southern headquarters. From this vantage point I can, among other things: hammer out deadlines, interact with you fine folks on the various social media sites, tend to whatever is cooking in the kitchen, and visit with anyone who may be lounging in the living room, not to mention enjoy the music of Dixie Belle moaning outside the windows trying to guilt me into playing tennis-- all while enjoying the scenic view of beautiful Lake Providence in my back yard.

But wait-- come Monday morning a transformation begins. Behind the cornice boards at the top of the windows-- out of sight the rest of the week-- are several strategically placed hooks, just perfect for hanging the latest high tech noise reduction "waffles" to seal off my desk in preparation of the next recording session. (FYI, during these sessions I tape the short three segments that appear on my various affiliates. I tape All Things Southern LIVE nearby in Monroe, LA at the FOXFM 92.7 studio.)

Of course, some "waffles" are more high tech than others. Yours truly has found that bedspreads work really well, for a fraction of the cost.

And just like that, I'm ready to lay some sound tracks. Here's a few shots from inside what I fondly refer to as The Redneck Radio Studio...

Every studio needs sound equipment. Here's mine...

Come Monday evening the curtains are taken down, leaving behind no clues of the day's taping. And now, whenever you hear All Things Southern's taped segments airing on your local affiliate you can tell your friends that you know "the rest of the story"...



  1. have a window...but I don't have blankets in my're really stylish..i'm duly impressed..

  2. Thanks duly impressed anonymous person! Curiosity is assailing me as to your identity, but if you must remain hidden...:)))

  3. So this is how a real professional does it. You know what - I just love your transparent heart of gladness and joy over this wonderful, messy life. The secret is not in those bedspreads my friend, it's in your passion!


  4. That is stinkin' hilarious!!! It's like the "forts" my kids always made at grandma's house!

  5. I see you used the "good" sheets..