Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Women and a Baby

Hello friends,

So, this is it. My and Mama's last night in Houston-- at least for a few weeks. Last night to get Grant Thomas sugar. Last night to miss my sweet man and the rest of the family back home. Last night to watch Jessica in her new role and marvel. Where, oh where, did my little girl go and when did she turn into this incredibly beautiful, devoted young wife and new mom?

It's been quite an adventure, the last few days, with my daughter at one hand and my mother at the other, a wonderful, hold this in your heart memory. Three women and a baby-- has that movie been made? There's the young mother, wanting to do everything as perfectly as possible. The mother in the middle, trying to be helpful without taking over. And the mother on the end, dissatisfied with her role on the bench, but thoroughly enjoying the game.


P.S. I had pics for illustration but I grew way too sleepy to follow thru on this post last night. :) It's morning now and we're on the road again...

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  1. There's always more to look forward to in life :-). One stage ends and another begins. I look forward to sharing all this with my daughters one day and hope they stay CLOSE.

    I'm glad you are able to go so often to them all.