Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perspective, It's a Funny Thing

Right about now, y'all may be thinking, "Yep, the girl finally lost it. I knew she was on the edge. This silly pic is upside down!" You're right about the edge, I live there, but you're wrong about the picture.

This morning the lake was a beautiful mirror, quietly reflecting everything near it. I took this pic right side up, that tree line you see-- that's a reflection and you're not looking at the sky, you're looking at Lake Providence. You have to change your perspective to see it for what it is.

We all look at things a little differently, don't we? I think it's critical that we try to see each others point of view but let's always remember that in the end that's all it really is, another person's opinion.

I want God's perspective. It's why I search His word. It's why I love His word. As the world changes and styles come and go, as standards get downgraded and principles become dated, His unchanging perspective grows ever sweeter to my soul.


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