Saturday, July 4, 2009

Enjoying some early morning quiet time on the dock. The house is bursting with "new" family, and by that I mean to say this is the first Fourth for us to have our son-in-law's family join the fun! Patrick's family are up from Mandeville and we're happy to have 'em (We miss you Daniel.)

Yesterday, several of Jessica's friends hosted a "Sip and See" at Carey and Phillip's for home folks to meet Grant Thomas and his grandmother Jane got to attend. The party was delightful! Thanks Carey, Corey, Kelly, Sarah, Amanda, Katie, and Debbo!!!

Papa and Nanee will be here shortly but my sisters didn't come this year. I miss them, but I'll be thinking about them and hopefully talking to them later.

Phil has taken a flag to his mama's grave. This is the first Fourth without Mawmaw and even though she didn't really know it was the Fourth the last few years, the memories of the other Fourths with her are still strong in our hearts. This was, hands down, Lucy's holiday. I can only hope that I handle a full house with half the grace Lucy showed when the extended family descended on her! That is her legacy.

I'm attaching a couple pics for y'all. More to come. I don't have Mister Grant on my phone right now but Emerson wants to wave her flag for y'all and there's a shot of this beautiful morning and one of our Freedom Cupcakes!

But enough of that for a minute. My time is limited. I'd rather spend the next few moment with you expressing my thoughts on America's big day.

I'm thankful to live in this great land. As I sit here this morning, and consider the change that was promised, the change that has come, and the change on the horizon, I pray that some things won't change.

I pray that America's promise of freedom won't change.

I pray America's beacon of light to the world will not be extinguished from within.

I pray America's promise to allow her people to freely practice the religion of their choice won't change.

But above all, I sit here grateful and I comfort myself over my grandchildren's future with this truth, my God DOESN'T change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

Happy Fourth of July, friends. And Happy Birthday America. I love you.


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  1. Lump.
    Big lump.
    Big lump in my throat.
    Thank you and God bless America!