Monday, July 20, 2009

Stop-- in the Name of Love!

Confession time: I'm a political junkie, news obsessed, history buff. But perhaps you've spent enough time on the All Things Southern porch to figure that out.

What you may not know is that I often hear from readers and listeners who think I don't talk politics enough. (These would be the people who identify with my leanings.) I also hear from other folks who either berate me when I take the discussion into politics, or jump off the ATS porch altogether, citing this as their reason. (These would be those who disagree with me.)

Tonight I want y'all to know that when I do "go there", I try to go softly. I do my best to resist the urge to join the twenty-four hour political debate, to get in the fray and shout with the best of 'em, to air my deep-seated concerns about where my beloved country is heading. I'm not saying this is the wrong course for others, but it is for me. I know what I'm called to do, and a twenty-four hour political discussion (from either side of the aisle) doesn't fit that call.

I've often asked the Lord where the line is, how much to say and when to say it. Maybe, dear reader, you're a believer who has faced this question, too. If so, maybe I can help.

It's been said to be careful what you pray for, and there's a good reason for that. He answers. My directive has been clear: I can talk the issues only as much, and no more, than I pray over the issues. To clarify, that means if I spend a brief moment in my prayer over my nation, well, that gives me about one tweet or facebook post. Get it?

I admit that it is hard, and I've failed at it, confessed and started over more times that I care to admit, but can you imagine, for just a moment, what would happen if every believer in America adopted the same missive? What if we prayed privately as much as we dissented and wrung our hands publicly? That's what I thought.

I call it "Stop-- in the name of Love". It helps to remind me when my passion begins to build to stop. Pray first. Opine second. I invite you to join me by signing in on the comment box below, and forwarding this if you think the thoughts here bear repeating. I don't need your last name, or even your city and state. I just want to know that you've considered it.

God Bless America.



  1. As a person talks for a living like you, sometimes what you're asking is difficult..but you are right..stop..pray and then opine..

  2. I agree, but not only when talking politics,anything we say with lots of passion and feelings should be squared away with Gods word first if not we may end up regreting what we said. I know I know alot easier typed then done.

  3. Thanks, Carey!
    Yes, Irene, those of us who talk for a living have to be most careful. :)
    Mary Ann, I couldn't agree with you more. It applies across the board.

  4. Shellie, . . . no one can say it quite like you. Yes, I do agree with you. The Lord certainly wants us passionately involved but only after we seek Him with our whole heart. God bless and keep the hugs coming! Bro. Don

  5. Shellie- just got around to reading this. I am in total agreement with you. I receive so many political emails that are just downright ugly. I have tried to gently reply-- Let's spend some more time praying for these folks and see God answer. Jackie