Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Watch Update

Great big HI YA to all my fb friends, twitter talkers, ATS porchers, family, friends, spammers, long lost school chums and any body and eddy boddy else who is leaving notes, voicemails, emails, tweets, smoke signals or other forms of social media for me,

I can't get back to y'all right now. Sorry. From this point, until my second grandchild and first grandson, Mr. Grant Thomas Maher makes his grand (get it) appearance, I will be blogging only. HOWEVER, I will be reading your replies because a) I love y'all to pieces b) I'm incredibly, incurably curious. If y'all really wanted to make it easier for me, you would subscribe to follow this blog and leave your funny notes and comments here so I wouldn't have to check all the other places to stay caught up. Yes, I know, I am pushy. That's how it is in the Grandmother Hood.

Now, my beautiful daughter with the basketball belly is also a private young belle married to a private young man and neither of them are big on the details of their lives being spread to kingdom come, so I am cedeing her "control" over how much info is shared here. With that being said, "things" that generally announce impending childbirth are happening but the big event hasn't begun in earnest so we are not at the hospital.

Right now Jessica Ann and I are headed out to walk up some action. Wait-- that didn't sound just right. What I meant by that was we are going to the mall, grocery store, specialty shops, wherever we can waddle, I mean walk, (that part almost didn't make it by the Jessica censor), in the hopes of getting this party started.

I leave you with a pic of the adorable floppy puppy that is awaiting Grant's arrival and one of his daddy's favorite baby gifts. More later...I will blog updates from the bberry.



  1. Hey Miss Shellie!

    Two words for Mr. Grant Thomas Maher's expectant Mommy:



    You know, just in case walking-waddling doesn't get the idea across to the little prince.


    Hugs, ~Chris

  2. Hey there, while you are at the mall, have a piece of pizza! That's supposed the be a sure fire way to start the "process" Of course, being that both of my kids are adopted, I am a mere reporter in this process. But as you would say..I report. You Decide...

  3. Hey family!!!
    We can't wait for the process to start...I saw rain drops outside so Grant this would be a great time...wink wink :) We love yall and CANNOT wait to come see you! Rub that belly it will be gone soon :)