Monday, April 6, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

Greeting from a hotel room in Thibedoux. Red and I just ate at -- where else-- Bubba's Seafood. It was all kinds of good. I had some seafood stuffed jalepenos for an appetizer. YUM! Then they served us some serious sized entrees. Note: Red and I had predetermined to be really good and share an entre. We did, too. Of course, we kinda did our own twist on that theme. I shared my entre with her and she shared her's with me. We have now rolled to the hotel room like Templeton at the fair, and if you need that explained to you, well, you have some serious gaps in your ed-u-muh-cation'.

But, the secret...Rhonda and I were discussing how that even though we were FULL, TOPPED OFF, MISERABLE, we still needed a itty bit of chocolate, you know to cut the taste in our mouths. I said, "Soooo-- I suppose that's what toothpaste is for." And that's when we hit on our brillant idea. It may have been Red's initially but I'm taking partial credit. Are you ready? Chocolate Flavored Toothpaste! Girls-- why hasn't it been done already? We do not know, but I'm considering releasing an ATS brand.

Red and I both feel there may be some marketing obstacles to deal with -- and you just know the Dental Association is gonna weigh in, but whatever, it has potential.

I'm now going to look at the speech I'm giving tomorrow. These fine folks deserve me being able to string a thought or two together. Later...



  1. I want to eat my chocolate. Not spit it out.

  2. What a way to dispose of used toothpaste! Just swallow it!

    I'll bet chocolate toothpaste will go a long way toward getting children to brush regularly!

    Go for it!

  3. Mrs. Shellie!! you're right down the road from me! You should come visit!!

  4. Hi Shellie,

    I just met you at the book signing at "Cherry's Book Store" in Thibodaux, La. You asked if I had visited you web site . Now I can say I have and I see you have a blog site as do I. I have joined as a follower. I will be sending the photograph we took to you this evening when I get off work. I also have a blog and will send the information along with the photograph. It was a joy meeting you Pat. G.