Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Sneaky German Shepherd

I love to take my Ipod with me on our walks. I considered doing it Dixie's way, but somehow smelling the neighbors yards and running in and out of the ditches just doesn't do it for me. Taking my Ipod along is good because I can jam with my favorite music and catch up with all my favorite podcasts. (Beth Moore, oh yeah!) It can also be bad. Today I had my ears plugged and the volume up, focused on Living Forgiving, when I was suddenly and unexpectedly set free. Set. Free.

There I was, oblivious to everything, watching Dixie Belle running a hundred yards ahead of me, when this ultra sneaky German Shepherd laid his cold nose against the inside of my bare leg. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, I almost went home to see Jesus right there.

Of course, it only lasted for a brief moment. It was over as soon as I saw Mr. Sneaky, who at that point chose to a) adjourn to a nearby ditch to roll in something dead, or b) take a moment to fall down and laugh out loud. I report. You decide.

The brevity of that freeing moment is a good jumping off point for another discussion. Even if they don't know where it came from, most people are familiar with this sentiment, "the truth will set you free." Many more people would recognize those words as a verse from the Bible. And of course, they would be spot on. Those words are God's own truth. Jesus Christ said He came to the world to show men the truth-- Himself, God in human form. An encounter with this Man can truly set you free, but be warned friends, if that moment is a brief encounter and nothing more, you'll never experience the glory of the gift in your hands. Knowing the Truth, walking with the Truth, studying the Truth, Living the Truth, Loving the Truth, this is a life that will set you free, indeed.


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  1. Hey Shellie! It's me, Beth Herring from Oak Grove! I love this post. I just love the way the Lord speaks to my heart through others and you just nailed it here today.

    Have a joy filled day!