Friday, April 10, 2009

Mary Elizabeth's Confusion

Hey Y'all,

Here are some fun pics from the first of the week. Best Bud Red and I traveled to Thibodaux, Louisiana where I spoke to a wonderful group of rotarians. The pics below are taken from the book-signing I had afterwards at Cherry Books. I love my independent booksellers! Please check out the adorable display they had made with Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On. Shown here are owner Susie on the left and her trusted sidekick, Phyllis, to your right.

Red gives the mannequin some luv.

I enjoyed their children section!

Childhood friend Andrea made a one hour drive in from her home nearby for a catch-up visit. FUN!

A couple pics from booklovers. Y'all make it work, my friends. We couldn't write if y'all didn't read!

A transplant from home suprised us and showed up for a book and a hug! Nice to see you, Harry.

So, about Mary Elizabeth's confusion... Let's just say that Mary Elizabeth, my infamous navigational system, had a hard time with the topography of South Louisiana. Please note her confusion below. She shows us...ummm... nowhere. No where. Something about the bridge's entrance troubled her.

She wasn't alone. Red gets anxious about bridges, too. The second time we had to cross this really, really tall bridge, I assigned her to take photos to take her mind off of it. It worked. Kinda.

One last shot of the ocean, a view that led Red and I right into a worship service, yes it did. We sang "He's got the whole wide world in His hands" a couple times through and then we substituted eddy boddy we could think of as in, "He's got our kids and our grandkids in His hands", "He's got Phil and Lamar in His hands" and "He's got the President and the Congress in His hands"... Try it. I think you'll like it.


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  1. Hi, Shellie
    It always sounds like you and Red have so much fun on the road together,, think I'll write a book so I can take a litte tour,, ha ha, yeah right.