Monday, April 20, 2009

Limited Baby Watch Update

We went to the doctor today, very hopeful because of, well, certain activity that I can't talk about because of the Jessica censor. We were thinking they might keep us, or at least the expectant mommy. It didn't happen. The doctor is very pleased with Jessica's progress. She has had a perfectly wonderful pregnancy and the doc doesn't want to get into the Good Lord's business, so to speak, so no inducement until her actual due date next week, (although doc doesn't think Jessica will make it that long.) I'm pleased with that decision. Jessica, not so much. :)

In short, Grant Thomas Maher said, "I will be there when I get there and not a moment before." Jessica and I have both decided that when he is fifteen years old we may just pinch him for getting our hopes up early and making us wait-- but not until he is fifteen-- so hold off on all the reprimands, people.

Love to y'all.


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