Saturday, December 26, 2009

Act III-- Christmas Day Finally Arrives

How about a few random pics from the days before Christmas before we get to the final act? I was so hoping you'd say that...

Simply had to find a spot to post Emerson and her pretty red coat Nanee bought her! How cute is this, I ask you?

Great Nanee and Miss Emerson

Baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face

Grant Thomas and Nanee


I love me some sweet taters!

And finally, yes finally-- Christmas morning! Baby feet and baby sugah ruled. The babies may not have understood the commotion but they hung with us, they sure did!

"Emerson, you're older than I am. Tell me, is this as crazy as it gets?"

"Well, Grant, I saw some stuff on the Fourth of July that ranked right on up there. We'll talk about it later..."

Pops and I gave the babies their official bibs. Emerson's reads "Bellerina Czar" and Grant's reads "Baby Beau Czar". I was happy to purchase them from my dear friends, Sarah and Debbie, at Prints Charming!

The kids gave me a Kindle. In this pic I'm saying that
I sure hope it's what's on the box! Well, I was just
being honest, folks!

Emerson opening presents with mama

Beloved Hubby gets a new sportscoat from the kids!

Phillip is packing!

Christmas love with Daddy

Opening presents with mama

Look, Grant! It's from Keggie and Pops.

"So, is it over yet, Emerson? I'm getting tired?"
"I know, Grant. But after we get dressed Keggie's gonna want a couple more pictures. I heard her saying it."

Emerson was right!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours! We pray you each know the width, depth, length and height of the wonder of God's love, the miracle that is Immanuel, God with Us.


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  1. Your family is beautiful!! I can't wait to have fun with grand babies one day. I expect to have a whole lot of them :-).