Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Celebrating Christmas

Earlier today I posted the following message on Twitter and Facebook: I've put up a Christmas tree with Christmas lights. I've bought Christmas presents and I'm listening to Christmas music. I'm celebrating Christmas. And you?

Methinks that needs some clarification. It wasn't a Christmas update. It was more like a for-the-record announcement. What I would've said, had Twitter allowed me the additional characters, is that I'm not celebrating just any old holiday. I'm celebrating the gift that tops all others-- Immanuel, God with us-- and my soul is sorely tired of the word Christmas being avoided like it's an offensive slur.

When I wish you a Merry Christmas, friend, I don't mean Happy Holidays or I'd say Happy Holidays. When I wish you a Merry Christmas I'm saying that I hope that in this season of Christ's birth you would enjoy His presence and know His love.

And now that we've got that clear, how's your Christmas coming? I'm way into it! Nary a room around here has been neglected. About the only thing left to say is lights, camera, action! (As soon as I add the fresh greenery, I'll share some pics with y'all.) To be honest, I may have went a little crazy with the white lights this year. I just can't get enough of 'em. If it were up to me, Dixie Belle would be wired with a battery operated lit up collar, but she has declined the offer. She has, however, agreed to cooperate, kinda, with this Santa hat pic-- if I do it quickly.

Funny, yes? I can't help it. I'm feeling particularly jolly tonight. Somehow, I've managed to get most of the house decorated and the majority of my shopping done without falling behind on writing deadlines. But what's even better, tomorrow Beloved Hubby and I are going to have our annual Christmas shopping wrap-up/movie and meal date. And by annual I truly mean once a year! We always say we're going to go out more in the next year, see more movies, yada yada. We never do. And we're fine with that. The man and I are suckers for a home movie and a bowl of popcorn in our chair and a half.

But, that's tomorrow... Tonight there's a fire cracking in the fireplace, the lights are shining, and our tummies are full of tacos, the man's favorite meal. If we're lucky, there will even be some college hoops on the tube later. Meanwhile, I think I'll be pecking away on the old laptop, polishing up a new Facebook page I'm working on. It's all about River Jordan's and my "Great Southern Wing and a Prayer Tour"-- coming to a southern city this spring. Watch for it.

Enjoy life's sweet moments, friends. They come and go much too quickly.

Merry Christmas Hugs,

P.S. Are you celebrating Christmas?


  1. Yes Shellie, indeed I am.

  2. Thanks, Shellie, I'm celebrating Christmas ... and ... praying that Dixie Belle soon gets some relief!

  3. Christ was born in May.

  4. I celebrate Christmas, but I don't say "Merry Christmas" to someone unless I know they celebrate Christmas too. To acquaintances I don’t know that well, I say "Happy Holidays".