Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tomlinson Perry Night! Old Friends are Best Friends

Act II

Next up in the lead up to Christmas is our annual Tomlinson/Perry night or (as we called it on facebook and got responses from people who thought Red and I were up to no good toilet-papering yards), TP night. The rules are simple-- there are none! My and Phil's best friends, Lamar and Rhonda Perry, get together for some laidback snacking and a rousing game of choice with as many of our collective kids and their respective spouses and/or friends that can make it. In the past years we've played everything from Pictionary to Jinga or Win, Lose and Draw! This year we played Chain Reaction, girls against the boys. Is it really necessary for me to say the girls won?

Me and Madness! We'd like to think we're aging gracefully! LOL!

Emerson Ann and her "Other G-Mother"

Lamar, I can't believe this is the only pic of you I took the whole night! Sorry, man. You know I love you!

Emerson makes Other G laugh!

Pops and the Grantster share a moment.

Jami-Lyn meets Grant Thomas!

What are Phillip and Carey talking about?

Aunt CeCe and Grant doing some loving

The men are talking, oh, let me guess-- HUNTING?!

The Baby Bar Czars!

And yes, these bowls are their fav toys. When
will we learn? :)

Jessica Ann with an armload of sweet babies!

Jami-Lyn brought her friend, Kathleen, a welcome

The Mahers discuss the game

In fully gaming mode. Please forgive the mess!

Phillip, "Jake, please get ready. You're after Jac-lyn."

Uncle Jake and Emerson Ann exchanging pacies?

Pops has a winning moment!

Aunt CeCe is happy!

My two hearts!

Okay, I realize this isn't our best look, but I thought
it's be fun to show total exhaustion turned giddy.

Old friends are a special kind of joy. If you don't have any, I pray that you would begin today to forge a new friendship and nurture it daily. Remember, the best way to have friends is to be one!


Oil and perfume rejoice the heart; so does the sweetness of a friend's counsel that comes from the heart. Proverbs 27: 9

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  1. I love Love. There is nothing better than good old fashion love of family and friends and passing a good time. That there is much love in these families is abundantly evident. Thank you Shellie (and Rhonda) for sharing that love with the rest of us.