Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why This, Why Now?

***** As of 3:43 PM, CST, 9-20-09, running total is $1,836 *****


Your recurring question is why, why does this project mean so much to me? It's a hard question but a fair one. Let me fumble around and see if I can explain.

Inertia. I hate it. I hate to allow feelings of powerless over the size of a problem paralyze me from taking action at all. And yet, I do it all the time. All. The. Time. I do it when I change the channel from a commercial that breaks my heart. Reminding myself of the different ministries I support helps-- for about... two seconds, and then I realize that I could do more. I could always do more.

I pushed this cause away when it first fell in my heart, knowing full well I would be just ONE MORE VOICE asking you for action, suspecting that I would possibly drive off readers who were as weary as I am about bad news and had thought they were coming to the All Things Southern porch for something else entirely. The idea pushed back, again and again. Every time I saw Life Today's Water for Life program-- every time I thought, "How cool would it be to drill a well, not to offer a thirsty soul a drink of water once, but to be a part of giving an entire community fresh water for a lifetime!"

I continued to war with myself. Why this program, why when there are just as many other wonderful people doing wonderful work, (like my own dear sister-in-law and husband who faithfully operate a feeding ministry and orphanage in Kipsongo, Africa). The only answer I have is that not only did the idea refuse to go away, it grew! It beat within me like the tell tale heart from Edgar Allan Poe. (Sorry for the obscure reference.)

And while I rationalized, a mother looked from a contaminated water source to her dying thirsty child and rationalized in her own way. Would she give her baby water that may kill him eventually or let him die of thirst before her eyes?

So there, that's why Water from the Porch means so much to me. I'm so sorry if that's a downer. You asked.



Well, I just received some news that took my breath away-- and not in a good way. As you know, I recently asked y'all, my dearly loved readers, to join with me to drill a well of life-giving water in cooperation with Life Today's Water for Life outreach program. A single well sustains a village of 1000 people for an entire lifetime. Surely, this is a worthy goal by anyone's measure.

Our stated goal was to raise $2400 in September '09, ten dollars from two hundred and forty people, so that children just like yours, grandchildren just like ours, wouldn't have to drink contaminated water because it is all they have.

This dream was first laid on my heart several months ago when I heard about the one time matching grant of $400,000 Life Today had just received from an anonymous donor, meaning that whatever well monies taken in for a certain amount of time would be automatically doubled. It is why we could drill our well for $2400 instead of the actual cost of $4800.

I could make all kinds of excuses for how busy I've been to explain why I never got around to making this challenge earlier, even though the idea was burning in my heart! But that's exactly what it would be, excuses. The truth is I dropped the ball. I've just been on the phone with Life Today and discovered that the matching funds have been allocated. The cost of one well is once again $4800. Sigh.

If the money were rolling in, I suppose it wouldn't have been such a kick in the gut, but it isn't. (We're somewhere around $500.) Yes, I've heard all the excuses. I know people are hurting right here in America. I didn't choose this cause, it chose me. And yes, I know pocketbooks are tight and the economy is sickly. I live in the real world with you. (As I type this the rain is coming down and my husband and I are praying that it will stop so we can harvest.)

I also know that I didn't dream this up. The Lord gave it to me, so I will see it through. It may take longer than I had hoped and I may have to do more to see it happen. I'll be contacting radio affiliates as time allows to see if they'll allow me to come on and discuss my goal on air. You may tire of seeing it in the postscript of the weekly newsletter, but we will press on. My heart still yearns to know that our community could actually put a well down that would serve a village for life-- for life!

If you are enjoying the humor and inspiration of All Things Southern, please consider making your yearly donation for this good cause. You can use the paypal button at my website to donate, or you may send your donation to:

All Things Southern
Water from the Porch
610 Schneider Lane
Lake Providence, LA 71254

Please join me to share a drink of water in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


"For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink in My name... I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward." Mark 9:41

More details at Life Today!

P.S. We've had contributions so far from Louisiana, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, and Tennessee-- with Louisiana leading the tote board!

I'd like to ask those of you with facebook pages, twitter profiles, and or blogs to help spread the word by posting this blog or this link to your friends and family. Remember, we're not giving food that will feed a hungry belly just once-- we're drilling a well that will give life-giving water to many needy men, women, and children for years to come. Speaking of children, Rozel from Louisiana donated in honor of her grandchildren and challenged everyone else with grandchildren to give in their honor. I think that's a fine idea.

One more note: For whatever reason, the paypay button here on the blog keeps timing out, but the donate button on the left hand banner of the website works every time. :)


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