Sunday, September 20, 2009

Memories that Move You

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Hello folks, let's chat...I was typing the words "Water from the Porch" as a title for my guest blog on an author's site just now when I had a little epiphany. It occurred to me that I can't say those words without thinking about my grandmother's porch in Natchez, MS, the one framed by the big beautiful hydrangeas, the one where I joined with my sister and our favorite cousin to take refuge from sudden storms and hold endless talent contests and beauty pageants-- acting as both contestants and judges. (My sister Rhonda always won the beauty pageant, and though Lisa and I secretly decried the results you really must give us our props for the honesty with which we continued to cast our votes.)

To be sure, the porch really belonged to the small country church next door were my grandfather preached his heart out, as did that house and every other house they ever lived in as a young married couple, and later as a growing family with four kids.

At first glance, I almost passed by that bit of porch information, considering it irrelevant to what I wanted to share with them, but as I took a closer look it began to dawn on me just how integral it is.

You see, it was from that porch that I watched my grandmother offer water over and again to men who came down Pine Ridge Road, down on their luck and in sore need of a friend. Food was offered, too, and whatever spare money could be raked together. My grandparents always gave what they could. Only now do I realize that not once did they give out of an abundance of anything other than love. This is my heritage. Forgive me for being so nostalgic with y'all, dear friends and complete strangers, but my eyes have begun to water at the memory and the realization that such a heritage is a treasure without price. Water from the Porch. It's funny that I didn't see that connection until now, but I had to run back over here to my place and share the memory with y'all as soon as I tied things up at "A Good Blog is Hard to Find."

Of course, you who listen to me blather day in and day out would know that's where I took off in a dead run telling them about our Water from the Porch Drive. Maybe they'll join us, who knows?

Thanks for listening! If you're intending to join the cause and you haven't done so just yet, I respectfully ask you to act on that intention. Y'all are the best readers in the world and I want you to receive the blessing that will be yours on the authority of His word.

"For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink in My name... I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward." Mark 9:41


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  1. what a cool connection and heritage...sometimes we don't realize that children/grandchildren/friends/relatives are watching but we are indeed leaving a heritage behind...I hope mine looks something like that too!

  2. Awwwh Shellie Coon, I too remember the Stone porch. But I remember mostly the all night revivals. We'd sit for hours and listen to one after another preacher, breaking the bread of Life. Then have our own break and eat. Those were the days, and Bro. Stone was the best of all, and I truely mean that. - Karen -