Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Details from Decatur

Dear ones,

In response to your request for more details from Decatur, I offer this unedited and probably error filled note I just penned to a sweet reader named Lisa who wanted to come out and meet me, but alas, she had a hissy fit with her girls that morning (more details there will not be forthcoming) and they all stayed home. While that does pique my interest, I told her I understand. Hissy fits are sometimes unavoidable and can even be appropriate, (thinking of Jesus clearing the temple here.)

But we were talking details. Let's see...Friday morning after hosting ATS LIVE I drove to Jackson, MS and hopped on a plane that connected in Charlotte headed to Atlanta. :) Remember, I live in a rural area. It's hard to get anywhere from here on a straight shot! After traveling all day I hit the hotel ready to crash, which I did, until the first fire alarm sounded around three-thirty or four, who really knows, a quick little "HONKKK" and then... nothing.

Hmmm...was this there cute way of saying there had been a fire-- an itty bitty one-- but all was well? :) I stepped out into the hall and met another curious author, which I'm thinking may have been Susan Rebecca White, but neither of us were looking our absolute best so I'm not sure, and I forgot to confirm that later when I could see clearly. We discussed the "baby alarm" and decided to go back to bed with the promise that if either of us heard or smelled anything, we would knock on the other's door.

About the time I got back to sleep the fire alarm started blaring again-- this time loudly and consistently with serious PA voice, "A fire has been reported in the building. Please exit immediately. Do not use elevators. Again, please exit immediately." After a fun pajama party in the courtyard with new friends, unable to see beyond my nose as I was sans contacts or glasses, we were informed it was a false alarm and given permission to return to our rooms. Muchas gracious.

Saturday morning River Jordan, friend and fellow author of Saints in Limbo, called my cell at 9:45, lost as a goose, hitting town in an all out run to her panel. She was on at 10:00. I was able to find someone to hand my cell to in order for them to direct River to her venue, where I stood waiting outside. She tossed me the keys to park her brand new ride and slid in under the wire. I may have texted her a funny message while she was waiting to be introduced like, "River, I parked the car. That little dingy on the left fender, I know nutin about it." If I did such a horrible thing, which has yet to be proven, I'm sure I have since repented, but I was probably just trying to loosen her up.

After lunch, I shared a wonderful panel with Robin Hemly, "Do Overs", and Ad Hudler, "Man of the House". The men were fall down funny and I had a big time! Oh-- and in between that heard a panel with leading vampire authors, Charlaine Harris and Chelsea Yarbro. Okay, so I don't even "get" the vampire fascination, (why am I always in the minority), but I totally enjoyed sitting there with a big smile and doing my own little cultural anthropologist study on the audience. These people were F-A-N-S!!!!!! I found them most interesting. :)

That should be more details than anyone wants to know. Later gators and gatorettes.


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