Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jumping Fit AKA Dancing with Strangers

Just got notice that we are delayed! Not good. Got a tight connection in Atlanta. Oh, well, it has given me time to offer y'all proof that I am a woman of my word. I give you a jumping fit with additonal footage of Dancing With Strangers.

Please pray I make connections!


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  1. ok, that was great! Dancing with Strangers... Too funny!

  2. This sort of thing doesn't run in the family does it? Too funny!

  3. Too funny! By the way, I was listening to your podcast from last Friday on the way to work this morning and I wanted to add something about the lady who turned 100 at work. The doctor who founded the practice that I work at turned 99 in February (at work) and is working toward the big 100 this coming February. He comes to work every day and still sees patients every day. He's such an inspiration!

    I donated again last night... what's the total looking like?