Saturday, September 5, 2009

A way above the chimney tops...

...That's where you'll find me.

Its so peaceful up here, so serene. It would probably be a good idea to close my eyes a bit, but my brain is too full and besides, I love flying at night. Time enough to sleep later.

Kudos Decatur Book Festival-- your Bookzilla was truly a monster literary happening. I thank you for allowing me to play. It truly feels like recess to me.

A HUGE happy heartfelt "Thank You" to every written word loving soul who listened to what I had to say, laughed at my nonsense, or bought my book with your hard earned money. You humble me.

Sometimes I wonder when one of the super cool author type folks I get to hang with at these things is gonna say, "Halt--who goes there? Hey you, Country Girl--Yes, you-- the one impersonating one of us, we're gonna need to see some credentials."

I, of course, will not be able to locate said credentials anywhere-- not in my suitcase, my purse, not even in trust bberry here that I can't believe I'm typing so long on! I suppose the gig will be up at that point, but until then its game on, huh porchers?

I did rest a bit just now, to think. Closed my eyes and laid my head just so against the seat and imagined I was resting on Father God's chest. I wanted to run some things by Him. I wondered what He thought about some of the things I saw and heard this weekend.

Wanted to tell Him how much I liked that woman from L.A., the one with the blue, silver, and black hair. I thought it was so pretty. I don't want to wear the style so much, but it really suited her. I asked Him to bless her, to order circumstances to bring her to Him if she didn't know Him and to deepen her understanding and intimacy if she did.

I asked Him to explain some things to me about other stuff I heard, too, things I probably shouldn't blog (and you thought I didn't have a filter *grin*). Told Him I wanted His perspective on those ponderings, not mine.

Landing now. I put some pics on facebook from the festival. Don't think I'll attach 'em here. Not much time left. Instead, I think I'll post a night sky pic w/this before I hit send on the ground in MS. Did you know the Bible says God calls the stars by name? He knows yours too, and He loves you. He has a future and a hope for You. I pray you find it.

Thanks for being a part of my life. I don't take it lightly. I pray I never will.


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  1. Oh but you DO have credentials... I saw the picture... they were hanging around your neck! ;)

    Besides, you've got more 'cred' then most anybody I know! There's a big book full of'em, just wait, you'll see someday.

    - Frank

  2. Kind words, Frank, kind words-- and they are very appreciated. Big hugs ~Shellie

  3. Well, when you walk the walk and talk the talk...
    Some people have faith..., I have faith, but some people live a life of example, not perfection mind you, for we're all flawed, but you wear the Lord not as a badge of honor but as a garment. That cloth perfects and glorifies you too Shellie. Too many worry what the neighbors will think... You worry about what is pleasure to Him. Your words are important, for they are a mirror to your soul. You are a good and faithful servant, and your crown will shine bright... but I don't think that's your motivation. I think you just do it for Him, and I know He is well pleased. But in the doing for Him you also share Him with us. And when all is said and done, that is what it's all about.

    Before too long I have a talk to give concerning Christian Action... Methinks you might well be held up as an example.

  4. I ADORE your blog, ATS, and your book. My mama and I had to buy separate copies because we couldn't wait on the other to finish!! I even blogged about it on my blog. I admire you so much! I hope to catch you on your book tour at some point.

  5. Also, I think our chocolate lab Maddie must be kin to your Dixie Belle... The screen door incident definitely repeated itself on our porch!

  6. Hello Miss Preppy-- just scooted to your blog. Aren't you the cutest thing?! Thank you for your oh-so-kind words, you chocolate lab loving new friend of mine. (Huge marks for taste, there.) Lookahere, I'm running lateeee and your blog wouldn't let me comment for some reason, *frown*, but I did hit follow and I'll be back. Have a great big God day!