Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Unto Day

I've been listening to this fellow in the early morning hours for a long time now. I have tried my best to get his pic. I've zoomed in on him at a distance, I've crept up under his favorite perch, I've strained to find him in the predawn light, all without success. The best I had was a blurred image high in a tree top that only I could identify. And then, yesterday, I was headed down to the dock with my camera around my neck and my hands totally full when I looked up and met him face to face. We both startled, and then paused. I swannee, y'all, I honestly think the bird was laughing at me. "Do it," he seemed to say. "Take a picture of me before I can fly away, but be careful, one false move and I'm gone."

Always up to a challenge-- especially a double dog dare from a bird-- I clinched my Bible between my knees (the ground was soaking wet from yet another storm). Holding my coffee in my left hand and the lens cap in my mouth, and using my chin to help twist my zoom out, I steadied myself for the single opportunity I knew he was giving me-- and praying Dixie Belle wouldn't come roaring up out of the semi-darkness, I pointed and clicked. True to his word, he flew away. But I, for once, was left with this.

Does he not look like he is saying, "You would think she'd never seen an owl before."

The ducks are far more sociable, not to mention plentiful. I have duck pics to spare.

The squirrels like to bomb Dixie and me on the dock with chewed up cypress balls and taunt my poor canine by sliding down the tree for a sip of water.

"If I ever get my paws on that squirrel, well, you know..."

This closing shot would run a close second with my owl if the resolution was better but I had to enlarge it too much for y'all to see and it lost something in the process--

"YIKES!!!!! Put the brakes on, we're running out of dock!"

Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare thy glory Lord and the earth reveals your handiwork. Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge."



  1. What a great set of pictures illustrating the wonders of His handiwork! Thanks.

    Paul Elliott