Friday, September 25, 2009

Enter to Win Ginormous Prize from All Things Southern!

Hey folks! With just a little more than $400 left to go on our Water from the Porch Project, My Madness Czar and I stormed our brains, (it was way scary) for an idea to kick the momentum up a notch. Here's what we decided: Everyone who donates ten bucks or more will be eligible to win a ginormous prize-packed All Things Southern gift box!

Yes, siree. Every person who donates to this worthwhile cause will be entered into the drawing -- which will be held the day after our goal of $4,800 is met. Those of you who have already donated, not to worry! Your name is already in the hat!

The All Things Southern gift box includes:

An ATS cap and ATS t-shirt an authentic Suck Your Stomach In Apron designed and handmade by your fellow porcher, Chris Williamson, and autographed copies of each of my 4 books, Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road (in audio and print), Twas the Night Before the Very First Christmas, Southern Comfort, and Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On. You can donate one of two ways: 1) Log onto and use the Paypal button on the left hand side of the homepage, or 2) Write a check to All Things Southern and mail it to 610 Schneider Lane, Lake Providence, LA 71254. Come on Friends ~ Let's dig that well! What? You say you're behind? In the dark about the Water from the Porch Drive? Details here.



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